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Vita Activa at deSingel, Antwerp, Jan. 7 – Jan. 12



For Vita Activa, Linehan will work in collaboration with Michael Helland to lead a week-long workshop with 40 unemployed people, which will conclude with a stage presentation at deSingel on Jan. 12. The workshop will create a space for people to exchange one hour’s worth of work for one hour’s worth of work, whatever that work might be. Their collective experience will be recounted in a performance which highlights the networks that emerge, and which sheds light on the different values that are implied and embodied by these different types of work. The title “Vita Activa” comes from Hannah Arendt, who distinguished three types of activities that make up the “active life”: labor (repetitive production), work (singular creation), and action (speech and politics). The project will draw on all three types of activities, blurring the boundaries between these categories. By proposing a model of exchange based on time instead of national currency, Vita Activa aims to examine our presuppositions about what an hour of work is worth, and how we determine the value of the products and services that we buy and sell.


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