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Book Presentation, 26 October, deSingel, Antwerp


A No Can Make Space

a book by Daniel Linehan,

created in close collaboration with Gerard Leysen from the graphics studio Afreux

How to make a book as if I was making a dance performance.
Maybe impossible. A good reason to try it…
– Daniel Linehan

In A No Can Make Space Daniel Linehan collected texts and poetic fragments from his artistic practice, categorizing them according to seven themes. In collaboration with graphic designer Gerard Leysen (Afreux), Daniel discovered ways of transforming a text from a static object into movement – a text as a game, an interaction, as a dance. The result is a piece of craftsmanship, a book as a choreography.

Book release 26.10.2013 (20:00) deSingel, Antwerpen (BE)

Expo 12.09 – 02.11.2013 Corps en œuvre, Galerie Coullaud & Koulinsky, Paris (FR)


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Upcoming Performance, May-July 2013

Gaze is a Gap..., photo by Jean-Luc Tanghe

Gaze is a Gap…, photo by Jean-Luc Tanghe

11 May 2013 – Zombie Aporia
Sección Irregular, Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona, Spain
15-16 May – Montage for Three and Not About Everything
Dublin Dance Festival, Samuel Beckett Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
21-22 May 2013 – Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost
Sadler’s Wells, Lilian Baylis Studio, London, UK
25 May 2013 – Not About Everything
Festival Horizon, La Filature, Mulhouse, France
31 May 2013 – Not About Everything
Festival Au bord du risque, Scène Nationale Aubusson, Aubusson, France
10-11 June 2013 – Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost
Festival Latitudes Contemporaines, Opéra de Lille, Lille, France
5-6 July 2013 – Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost
Julidans, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Upcoming Performances, Jan. – Feb. 2013

BTWAV 4 by Bart Grietens

Being Together without any Voice, photo by Bart Grietens

15 January 2013 – Zombie Aporia
Théâtre des Quatre SaisonsGradignan, France
17 January 2013 – Zombie Aporia
Les Sept Collines, Tulle, France
18 January 2013 – Being Together without any Voice
Danse à Lille, CDC Roubaix, Roubaix, France
22 January 2013 – Being Together without any Voice
Centre André Malraux, Vandoeuvre-le-Nancy, France
25 January 2013 – Being Together without any Voice
Le Dôme, Albertville, France
29 January 2013 – Being Together without any Voice
l’Hexagone, Meylan, France
31 January 2013 – Being Together without any Voice
Lavanderia a Vapore, Torino, Italy
7 February 2013 – Montage for Three and Not About Everything
deSingel, Antwerpen, Belgium
8-9 February 2013 – Zombie Aporia
deSingel, Antwerpen, Belgium
19 February 2013 – Being Together without any Voice
l’Onyx, Saint-Herblain, France

Vita Activa at deSingel, Antwerp, Jan. 7 – Jan. 12


For Vita Activa, Linehan will work in collaboration with Michael Helland to lead a week-long workshop with 40 unemployed people, which will conclude with a stage presentation at deSingel on Jan. 12. The workshop will create a space for people to exchange one hour’s worth of work for one hour’s worth of work, whatever that work might be. Their collective experience will be recounted in a performance which highlights the networks that emerge, and which sheds light on the different values that are implied and embodied by these different types of work. The title “Vita Activa” comes from Hannah Arendt, who distinguished three types of activities that make up the “active life”: labor (repetitive production), work (singular creation), and action (speech and politics). The project will draw on all three types of activities, blurring the boundaries between these categories. By proposing a model of exchange based on time instead of national currency, Vita Activa aims to examine our presuppositions about what an hour of work is worth, and how we determine the value of the products and services that we buy and sell.

Performances Fall 2012

Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost, photo by Jean Luc Tanghe

19-20 October 2012 – Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost – PREMIERE
deSingel, Antwerp, Belgium
2-3 November 2012 – Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost
Internationale Tanzreihe Dampfzentrale Bern, Bern, Switzerland
8-10 November 2012 – Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost
Festival International Mettre en Scène, Rennes, France
15-17 November 2012 – Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost
Kaaistudios, Brussels, Belgium
20-23 November 2012 – Not About Everything
Festival Novart, Bordeaux, France
29-30 November 2012 – Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost
Festival Novart, Bordeaux, France
3-4 December 2012 – Montage for Three and Not About Everything
TU-Nantes, Nantes, France
5 December 2012 – Zombie Aporia
Le Quatrain, Haute-Goulaine, France
17-21 December 2012 – Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost
Théâtre de la Bastille, Paris, France


Upcoming Performances August-September 2012

Zombie Aporia, photo by Jean Luc Tanghe

11-12 August 2012 – Zombie Aporia
Tanz im August, Berlin, Germany
17 August 2012 – Not About Everything
Caen Soirs d’Été, Caen, France
19-20 August 2012 – Montage for Three
Festival International des Brigittines, Brussels, Belgium
30-31 August 2012 – Not About Everything and Montage for Three
Theaterfestival Basel, Basel, Switzerland

9 September 2012 – Being Together without any Voice
Le Temps d’Aimer, Biarritz, France
15 September 2012 – improvisation with Erwan Keravec
Plastique Danse Flore, Versailles, France

Residencies, Spring 2012

From March-June we will be in residency in Essen (PACT Zollverein), Ghent (Vooruit), Leuven (STUK), and Kortrijk (BUDA) working on a new creation, Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost, with Anneleen Keppens, Maria Silva, and Salka Ardal Rosengren


Daniel Linehan’s next dance performance, Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost, establishes a dialogue between the visible and the invisible, between our common shared knowledge and our private intimate worlds. Through the use of video, the performance gives the audience an imaginative access to the visual perspectives of three dancers.

From the inside, the dance starts to look less like performers traveling across the stage and more like a theatre space in motion. The correlation between the fixed video recording and the alterable live event forms a link between the past and the present, yet the performance also points toward the possibility to disrupt this link.

The work aims to raise a series of questions about the relationship between the human and the technological, between the real and the virtual. How does the use of impersonal technology re-configure our ideas about intimacy? How does digital mediation re-constitute our sense of our physical, embodied existence? In the end, Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost highlights and celebrates the inevitable divide that separates the dancer from the choreography, the inevitable disjunction between a human and a structure.

Concept, choreography    Daniel Linehan Dance, creation Salka Ardal Rosengren, Anneleen Keppens, Maria Silva Dramaturg/mentor Aaron Schuster Lighting design Elke Verachtert Scenography Daniel Linehan, Elke Verachtert Costume design Icaro Ibañez-Arricivita Music Kim Hiorthøy Production Caravan Production International distribution Damien Valette (Paris, FR) Residencies       PACT Zollverein/CZNRW (Essen, DE), deSingel Kunstencampus (Antwerpen, BE), Kunstencentrum STUK (Leuven, BE), Kunstencentrum BUDA (Kortrijk, BE), Kaaitheater (Brussel, BE), Kunstencentrum Vooruit (Gent, BE) Coproduction deSingel Kunstencampus (Antwerpen, BE), Kaaitheater (Brussel, BE), Kunstencentrum BUDA (Kortrijk, BE), Sadler’s Wells (London, UK), Opéra de Lille (FR), Centre de Développement Chorégraphique Toulouse / Midi-Pyrenées (FR), Kunstencentrum Vooruit (Gent, BE) With the support of the Flemish authorities, Arcadi (FR)